About This Play

Emily’s Song was originally sold to Warner Brothers as a feature film script with LeAnn Rimes attached to play the title role. After years of “development” and a few false starts where the film was going to be made, the producer and writer, Chet Holmes, decided to rewrite and produce the world premiere of Emily’s Song as a musical [play] in the Los Angeles theater world. “It’s a really strong story,” admits Holmes, “and while I originally wrote it for the big screen, and will get it there in the near future, this represented a way to give people a live experience of something that translates really well to the stage. If the actors are strong, and they are in this production, you can set peoples’ souls on fire with a powerful and moving story. And that’s what I wanted to do. I got into the film world to write stories that really move and inspire people, stories that make you glad to be alive. That’s what Emily’s Song accomplishes.”

Holmes continues, “On the big screen, the camera can move right in, and you’re looking into the soul of that character. The sound is also stunning in a movie theater. So yes, a story like this will be wonderful on the big screen. But for the visceral experience of being there, feeling the emotions live with talented actors, nothing can compare to live theater. When I saw Wicked, I literally couldn’t believe how good that play was. That’s when I started thinking about how powerful the film, Emily’s Song, would be as a play.”

What inspired this story?

A decade ago, on one fine New Year’s Eve, Chet was dancing with his (then) ten year old daughter when he suddenly felt winded and had to sit down. “I knew something was seriously wrong.” A test revealed that Chet had colon cancer. After surgery removed a third of his large intestines, Chet started thinking about how much the lives of his children would’ve changed if he were suddenly not around anymore. This became the inspiration for Emily’s Song, a story about a ten year-old girl who loses her father. With forty staples holding his chest and abdomen together after the surgery, Chet wrote Emily’s Song in its entirety in a mere few weeks. “After facing and beating colon cancer, something woke up in me like crazy. Emily’s Song poured out of me in a few weeks, and I cried real tears at the triumphant conclusion. I went on to write eight more screenplays and a fiction novel, all stories that make people rejoice in life and the world we live in today.”

Holmes continues: “When Emily’s Song is made into a film, it becomes a bigger beast, harder to protect. I saw that already as I worked with various directors and stars. It was a lot of work keeping the story as pure as what I originally wrote. One rewrite [that I didn’t get to do], had the lead [Emily] drinking booze for breakfast and randomly sleeping with people she had just met. Can you imagine my horror when I read that? I was ill for three days. This play is really close to the original story I wrote, strengthened by the talents of some terrific actors who brought even more depth to the characters.”

In addition to his work in the creative fields, Chet Holmes has had a very strong business background. He is a best selling author in the business world. The Ultimate Sales Machine, a book published by Penguin Portfolio, has been the #1, 2 or 3 sales and sales management book on Amazon’s best-seller list for four years now. Chet discovered he had a remarkable ability to grow companies early in his career when he was a top producer in every position he held. He then ran nine divisions of a company for billionaire Charlie Munger, doubling the sales of every company assigned to him, some of them two and three years in a row. He has since built twenty companies of his own and had more than 60 of the Fortune 500 as clients. He is currently CEO of Business Breakthroughs, a joint venture with Tony Robbins to bring business growth training and services to business owners.

Chet has had an amazing career, designing hundreds of record breaking advertising campaigns for his clients. He credits the success he has had in the business world to the same reason he believes he will have success in the story-telling world. Chet Holmes has an uncanny understanding of what people want. His ability to touch the human psyche goes beyond advertising campaigns, and Emily’s Song is proof that his gifts reach into the world of entertainment. While having this successful business career, Chet has been writing screenplays and books, believing that his real calling would someday be entertaining the masses with great tales of love, adventure, romance and drama.

The Inspiration behind Emily’s Song:
Chet took pride in his work and dreams, however, he felt that his most important accomplishment was raising his children.

Emily's Song The Musical

Written and directed by New York Times best selling author, Chet Holmes and starring True Blood's Lindsey Haun.

Designer Joel Daavid provides a handsome abstract background for the action, Shon LeBlanc supplies the glam costumes, and skillful musical accompaniment is provided by a five-piece combo.

Presented by Jordan Productions at the Hudson Backstage Theatre, 6539 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, California.

Running time: 140 minutes.


Emily's Song The Video:


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